When it is time to say goodbye…

Farewells are never easy…

When the time to say goodbye to your loved one comes it can be a great strain on the family.

The team at The Vet Clinic can accommodate different options for you.

We try to book appointments at the end of surgery times so that you have time to spend with your fur friend and also that it may be quieter for you.

We also offer a home visit if available so that you can say goodbye in an area your pet feels comfortable.

We then can offer a range of cremation options for you.

We use Silvermere Haven for all of our farewell services unless you have a preference of a different provider which we can arrange for you.

We treat all pets as if they were our own so you can leave knowing we will give them the compassion they deserve.

Farewell Image | The Vet Clinic | Pet cremation

When we say farewell to a beloved pet, it’s like losing a member of the family. The bond we share with our pets is unique and profound, marked by unconditional love and moments of joy. Navigating this loss can be deeply challenging, but remember, it’s a testament to the special place your pet held in your life. It’s important to allow yourself to grieve, to feel the full range of emotions, and to seek support when needed. Cherish the memories and the love shared, knowing that it made a significant impact on your life.